Alex Jones Calls Out Stephen Colbert In Court, So Colbert Responds With More Intense Mockery

Nemesis of shirts/InfoWars shouter Alex Jones is currently involved in a keenly observed custody battle at the moment. In addition to getting some fascinating insight into Jones’ views on pot, there was also time for Jones to bring up Late Show host Stephen Colbert during the proceedings. It wasn’t anything particularly nasty coming from Jones’ end, but this did open up the door for the return of Colbert’s real ‘MERICAN Jones-esque alter-ego Tuck Buckford.

Like Jones himself, fellow bonkers conspiracy host Buckford has a taste for zebra meat and believes in smoking marijuana to “monitor its strength which is how law enforcement does it.”

“All cops do this,” explained Colbert before Buckford’s arrival. “All policemen get stoned once a year, but first they look in the mirror and say, ‘Am I a cop? I gotta tell me if I’m a cop.”

Spoking a jacket from the Bruce Chandling Collection, Buckford aims to go swing-for-swing with Jones in the berserker proclamation department. Look, Buckford is just the sort of righteous thunderbolt that the lamestream media is terrified of. If children knew the truth about CIA’s connection to the truth fairly the would be chaos among the shadow actors! Plus, Buckford appears to have figured out what to do when you have crack cocaine and niche meat. (You combine them, silly.)

“That is stronger than it was this morning!” observes Buckford. “You will fight my brain! My brain has cobra fangs! You’ll be dead in eight seconds! Hemotoxins!”

We are not responsible for any garment tears that occur while watching this segment.