Alex Jones Tells A Jury He Smoked Weed To Test Its Strength, Which Is Too Great Because Of George Soros

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04.20.17 6 Comments


The Alex Jones custody trial has, among other things, informed and entertained the 24-news cycle with reckless abandon all week. And true to the faux performance artist at the center of it all, the trial proceedings took a turn for the weird Thursday afternoon when — on 4/20 of all days — the subject of marijuana came up. Sorry to break this to you if you’re a dyed in the wool InfoWars supporter who also happens to argee with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the matter of legalization, but Alex Jones has in fact smoked pot during the past two years.

According to the Austin-American Statesman, Jones’ ex-wife’s attorney Bobby Newman cross-examined the defendant during a rigorous line of questioning that yet again included references to eating chili. Not to mention lighting up on occasion, which the InfoWars host admitted to doing while under oath:

Jones also acknowledged that he had smoked marijuana in Texas, in violation of state law, in the last year-and-a-half or two years. He said it was part of his practice to test marijuana once a year so that he can determine its strength, a practice that he said had led him to believe it is too strong and and should not be legalized but simply decriminalized.

“That’s what police do. They smoke it once a year too,” Jones said by way of explanation, adding that he’d “talked about it on the air” during previous InfoWars broadcasts. Plus, as the Austin-American Statesman noted, Jones also smoked pot with comedian Joe Rogan for the latter’s podcast in California this past February.

Yet Jones wasn’t done with marijuana yet, for in another apparent attempt to distance himself from his lawyer’s previous “performance artist” argument, the InfoWars creator went on a tirade against left-leaning billionaire George Soros. Why? Because the “legalization campaign was a dangerous path being funded” by Soros’ philanthropy, which was designed to bolster the “pernicious global elite.”

(Via Austin-American Statesman)

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