Ranking The Best Christmas Episodes Of ‘The Office’

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An office Christmas party is a time-honored tradition of the working-class.

It usually involves gift-giving, deli platters, cheap booze, and someone embarrassing themselves in front of coworkers during a drunken stupor.

Christmas parties on The Office are especially-strange affairs filled with cringe-worthy jokes and injury-causing snowball fights and at least one Dunder Mifflin employee being set on fire, but they all have one thing in common – they’re hilarious, stand-out moments that deserve to be celebrated.

We’ve ranked the best Christmas-themed episodes of the show from worst to best (or naughty to nice if you really want to milk the seasonal angle), but each entry brings a bit of holiday cheer, should you wish to enjoy them all.

Warning: these aren’t your grandmother’s Christmas parties.

7: Season 8, Episode 10 “Christmas Wishes”


This is the weakest of the Christmas episodes for a variety of reasons, mainly because, for the first time, we see the office celebrate the holiday without Michael Scott. Steve Carrell had been absent all season, and the show struggled to find a way to move forward without his zany, inappropriate antics. Ed Helms tried to fill the role, but Andy Bernard never felt like a leading man on the show, and it’s evident in “Christmas Wishes” as he dons Michael’s old Santa suit and promises to fulfill everyone’s Christmas wish.

With Pam (Jenna Fischer) also M.I.A., the show decided to use her replacement to justify Andy’s decision to threaten Jim (John Krasinski) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson), should they continue their childish pranks. Of course, this caused the pair to bait each other even more but the whole vibe of Christmas Wishes just felt off. Jim and Dwight’s constant back and forth is a highlight of the show, so having Andy try to punish them for it didn’t elevate the character in any way, and with some of the core cast missing, we were forced to slog through more relationship drama between Andy and Erin (Ellie Kemper). Even a bartending Robert California (James Spader) couldn’t save this fiasco.

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