Monica Lewinsky Confides In Linda Tripp In The New Teaser For ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’

Over the last week FX has been slowly doling out teases for Impeachment, the third season of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story. But so far, in its debut poster and teaser, we’ve only seen its main character — Beanie Feldstein’s Monica Lewinsky, whose affair with Bill Clinton comprises this next stretch of the series — from the back. That changes with its second teaser, which finally gives us a look, albeit a darkened one, at the actress’ face, complete with that iconic ‘do.

The ad shows two figures walking down a White House hallway, which is soon taken over with psychedelic imagery. (It was the ‘90s, man.) We don’t see their faces till the end, but on the soundtrack we hear Feldstein’s Lewinsky confiding in Sarah Paulson’s Linda Tripp — the woman who would take her affair with the then-president public, inciting a firestorm and making Clinton the first impeached president since Andrew Johnson, 130 years prior.

“Tell me everything,” Paulson’s Tripp tells Lewinsky after she begins confessing that she’s been canoodling with someone in power. The infamous blue dress soon comes up, leading Tripp to tell her co-worker, “It would be smart to keep that uncleaned in your possession.”

By the end, Feldstein’s Lewinsky, her face finally revealed, says something eerily prescient: “My life is over.”

For those keeping track, we’ve now seen the show’s version of Lewinsky and Tripp. We still haven’t seen Billy Eichner’s Matt Drudge, Edie Falco’s Hillary Clinton, nor Clive Owen’s Bill. (We also haven’t seen Cobie Smulder’s Ann Coulter, but probably because she only recently replaced Betty Gilpin, who had to vamoose over a scheduling conflict.)

Impeachment begins its 10-episode run on November 2, on FX. You can watch the teaser in the video above.

(Via Deadline)