Amy Poehler Went On ‘Late Night’ And Brought An Outrageously Funny Cave-Diving Joke With Her

The always hilarious Amy Poehler dropped by Late Night on Thursday and she left host Seth Meyers absolutely dying after hitting him with a borderline perfect cave-diving joke. Prior to the excellent punchline, Poehler and Meyers were raving about Kathryn Hahn’s work on WandaVision and whether Poehler would join the Marvel films like her former Parks and Rec co-star. While joking that she could see herself playing Captan Marvel’s bossy older sister, Gretchen, who “turns on the lasers” or closes up HQ for the night, Poehler revealed her jealousy at so many of her friends jetting off to Australia to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder. “If they found a part for me in Thor, I’d be on a friggin’ plane in 2.2. seconds,” she responded when asked if she’d be game for a cameo.

Using the topic of Australia as a segue, Poehler decided to hit Meyers with an interesting fact, which was really the set-up for her incredible cave joke:

POEHLER: Remember a couple years, ago, the cave rescue? The boys were — they lived, and I talked abou t it on your show. Well, the great Ron Howard is making a film about it. Guess who was cast today as some of the cave rescuers? Are you ready?


POEHLER: Joe Edgerton.

MEYERS: Great.

POEHLER: Colin Farrell.


POEHLER: Viggo Mortensen.

MEYERS: Oh, my God.

POEHLER: And guess where they’re shooting it. Guess where they’re shooting it.

MEYERS: Australia.

POEHLER: Yeah. And guess what I’m playing.


POEHLER: The cave.

You can tell Meyers, like the rest of us, had no idea the delightfully raunchy joke was coming, and it clearly killed. But that’s what happens you invite one of the funniest comedians alive on your show.

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)