And Now for Today’s Flame Wars

04.21.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

MUSLIMS VERSUS ‘SOUTH PARK’ — An Islamic group said that last week’s episode, in which the prophet Mohammed was depicted in a bear suit, would probably get Trey Parker and Matt Stone killed. That’s not a threat, of course — merely an observation they made. All of that glosses over the most interesting part: how awesome would a religion be if the prophet dressed in a bear suit? [NYT, WWTDD]

JON STEWART VERSUS FOX NEWS — Bernie Goldberg fired back at Stewart’s criticism of Fox News, which led to last night’s 12-minute breakdown on “The Daily Show.” Worth a watch if you’ve got the time. [Comedy Central]

DECEASED BEA ARTHUR IN A PETA AD — Arthur, who died a year ago this week, will appear (nude?) in a PETA ad against McDonald’s with the headline McCruelty. It’s enough to make Bea Arthur roll over in her grave. “That’s VERY clever,” said a third-grade teacher. [Media Decoder]

So, let’s see if I can hit all the wickets here… We should bomb the Middle East until it’s a parking lot; Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Jon Stewart should be dragged into the street and shot; Comedy Central and Fox News headquarters should be firebombed without regard to civilian casualties; and I endorse the wholesale slaughter and torture of all animals. Just don’t say anything bad about Bea Arthur. THAT WOMAN WAS A SAINT.

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