We Now Know More About The CW’s ‘Arrow/Flash’ Spin-Off, Including Its Title

Not to be inside-baseball, but it’s incredibly annoying for people like me when networks waffle over TV show titles, being that I have to use clunky stopgap titles like the one above. That said, I have to admit, The CW could have chosen a better title for their third DC show because… well, it’s a clunky stopgap title.

As it is, we have it from two people who would know, John Wesley Shipp (also known as Barry’s dad Henry Allen on The Flash) and Diggle himself, David Ramsey, that the show will be called Legends. Shipp revealed it during a Q&A at a con, according to Bleeding Cool, and also noted it had a thirteen-episode order, while Ramsey’s confirmation came over Twitter.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the title. It’s pretty generic, which is why another TV show is already using it. Also, how is anybody involved in the show a “legend?” They’ve all been around for, like, a year. Why not just call it “The Brave and the Bold,” like everyone on the internet has?

I’m sure a title change is coming; like I noted above, TNT already has dibs unless there’s an unusual crossover in the works. Not that Sean Bean running around The CW superhero shows wouldn’t be amazing. Come to think of it, let’s just do that as a spinoff; have the series premiere of Legends, the TNT show, feature the Atom crashing through a wall and asking Bean for help. Put him on the Suicide Squad!

EDIT: Sharp-eyed commenter Hugh Honey directed us toward this Variety article, which states the actual title is Legends of Tomorrow. Which is still not The Brave and The Bold, but at least it’s more specific.