Angela From ‘The Office’ Has A Fun Idea For A Spinoff Show

The people’s appetite for The Office goes well beyond the nine seasons NBC aired. Since its end in 2013, Netflix marathons and YouTube deep dives for clips have become a common habit for comedy fans who revere the show’s jokes and its place in the modern comedic lexicon.

Inevitably, that attention has sparked speculation of an Office spinoff or revival of some kind. And the actress who played Angela on the show certainly seems interested in keeping that speculation moving.

On Friday, Kinsey posted a photo on Twitter that included all three actors who played accountants on the show and asked the official NBC account about whether a spinoff, The Accountants, is something they’d be interested in.

Kinsey is not the first Office alum to suggest a comeback of some sort, though one just about The Accountants is certainly new. If you watched all the way through, you know Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) went on to run a bar, so perhaps the new show would be about Angela and Oscar (Oscar Nuñez) would come rescue the establishment’s finances.

Or maybe the three former co-workers could find themselves at a new company after the paper industry finally does collapse, as it threatened to do nearly the entire run of the show. The Accountants handling the books for Vance Refrigeration, maybe? What about a move to New York to save the corporate offices? We can workshop this all day.

Kinsey has appeared in a few projects since her Office days, including a role as a teacher on New Girl. So maybe if NBC isn’t interested, the three actors can all appear in a new project together on Fox. If NBC is smart, though, they’ll find a way to get The Office back on the air in some form eventually. The format certainly still works, and nine seasons somehow doesn’t feel like it was enough.