Anna Faris Fakes An Orgasm To Prove Expectations Are Unrealistic

One of the lovable things about Anna Faris is how charmingly awkward she is while giving interviews. She was no different on The Late Late Show Tuesday night while discussing her new podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified with James Corden, in which she gives “questionable relationship advice from completely unqualified celebrity types.”

Being an unqualified celebrity type doesn’t qualify Faris to deal with people’s “real” problems, so instead she fields lighter questions like one she describes from a man who wasn’t sure if his girlfriend was faking her orgasms or not. The problem, she explains, is that dudes have become so accustomed to porn that some don’t even know what a real orgasm is supposed to sound like anymore. To illustrate her point, Anna Faris helpfully goes on to demonstrate one of these so-called porn orgasms, and in a nutshell, Harry Met Sally this ain’t, my friends.

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