Another Day, Another Alec Baldwin Scuffle With Paparazzi In The Streets Of New York

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had some sort of outburst from walking hornet’s nest Alec Baldwin — quitting Twitter for the 100th time or so has probably helped —  so, take it away, Alec

The “30 Rock” actor grabbed and shoved veteran photographer Paul Adao along a Greenwich Village street in front of several witnesses Tuesday.

In one snap of the scuffle, Baldwin, 55, appeared to pin the 60-year-old freelance lensman against the hood of a parked car. A witness said Baldwin went berserk when he saw at least two photographers on his tail as he strolled with his wife, Hilaria, 29, in one of her first public outings since giving birth to their daughter, Carmen Gabriela. The baby was not spotted at the scene of the fracas.

The incident apparently took place shortly after the photo at the top of the post was taken.

In photos taken by another pap — which can be seen in the video below — Baldwin is clearly rough-housing the guy. Some people sadly never learn.

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