Another ‘Seinfeld’ Actress Responds To Jason Alexander’s Story About Susan’s Death

The Internet exploded in early June when Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander told Howard Stern the story behind the sudden death of Susan Biddle Ross (Heidi Swedberg), his character’s fiancée. According to Alexander, who subsequently apologized, Swedberg was difficult to work with and many in the cast didn’t necessarily get along with her between takes.

Swedberg hasn’t said anything about the story yet, but onetime Seinfeld actress Ali Wentworth — who played Jerry Seinfeld’s PDA-prone girlfriend Sheila in the fan-favorite “Soup Nazi” episode — discussed the matter with THR: “I read a little bit about that, and I was a little bit like, ‘Wow, now? Now?'”

Wentworth, who’s spoken often about her role on that episode, said she recalls “having a lot more fun than [Alexander and Swedberg] were, for sure.”

“I do remember Jason and Jerry and I sparring and having fun,” Wentworth said, “And she didn’t really — I don’t remember her saying much or doing much.”

She also joked that perhaps she, Wentworth, might also have been tough to work with.

“I’m sure there was a reason I only did one episode,” she said. “I don’t know why I didn’t end up marrying him.”

To recap, first Alexander said Swedberg did’t get along with the cast. Then he immediately apologized for saying so and recanted much of what he told Stern. Now Wentworth claims that Alexander’s story is kinda sorta true, but also interjects — saying she too was “tough to work with.”

I don’t even care anymore. Instead, here’s a YouTube roundup of the Soup Nazi’s best bits:

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)