Anthony Bourdain Made A Joke About Poisoning President Trump And Fox News Is Not Happy About It

CNN has become the greatest enemy for Donald Trump and his supporters in the day that have followed Election 2016. Not only did the president refer to the network as “fake news” and verbally spar with White House correspondent Jim Acosta, but he has also criticized the network after Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo session picturing her holding his severed head. The comedian was let go from the network for that, joining Reza Aslan after he was fired for his anti-Trump tweets, and it helped cement the billionaire’s distaste for the network that Ted Turner built. Now he might have another reason.

Anthony Bourdain was tracked down by TMZ while leaving LAX and they were curious if he’d ever go to North Korea to film an episode of his show on CNN — technically they ask about No Reservations, but he’s quick to tell them it is another network. During the chat, he’s asked what he’d serve at a theoretical dinner between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Trump at a peace summit dinner, providing a one word answer:


It might not seem like much, but hemlock is a poisonous plant that was involved in the death of Socrates as a form of capital punishment during his lifetime. Essentially it disrupts the central nervous system and ends up killing whoever ingests it, meaning Bourdain just talked about poisoning the president and leader of North Korea.

Trump hasn’t commented on it yet, but he might get a whiff of it soon enough because it became a topic on Fox News thanks to Jesse Watters and The Five:

“Think about if a Fox News anchor said something jokingly about assassinating President Obama. That would be the head of the New York Times, on all the network newscasts but because this is one of their own, they’re gonna cover up for him.”

Even if you dislike the president, it is probably a good idea to not talk about his or her potential death by your hands, even as a joke. Then again, everybody is hypersensitive about anything these days, as we see with the Jemele Hill situation. One thing is for sure, Bourdain certainly doesn’t have to do too much to get lost. Just get on a plane and go while the rest of us are stuck with here.

(Via TMZ / Mediaite)