Amy Schumer Delivers An Unfiltered Take On Pregnancy In Netflix’s Trailer For Her ‘Growing’ Special

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Amy Schumer had a pretty wild year in 2018. She got married to her chef boyfriend Chris Fischer in February after a whirlwind romance and announced that she was pregnant with their first child several months later in October. Yet she kept working (as much as the health of her baby would allow), and she’s about to release a new Netflix standup special that was filmed while she was pregnant and on the road.

In Amy Schumer: Growing, as the special is appropriately titled, Schumer predictably jokes about her marriage and pregnancy — and in true form, does not sugarcoat the experience. “But here’s the thing, you’re pregnant but like you don’t change who you are, I hate women who start to act like really precious,” she quips in the trailer. “Like, you don’t stop being you, you know — you don’t stop working … or drinking.”

While the subject matter may be more mature this time around, Netflix promises that she’s still 100 percent Amy. “If you had a good pregnancy, you’re someone who enjoyed being pregnant, I just hope your car flips over,” she jokes.

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