Anya Taylor-Joy Is Sorry To Disappoint ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Fans, But She Doesn’t Take A Chess Set Everywhere She Goes

Anya Taylor-Joy starred in The Witch, but she is not a witch (probably). Anya Taylor-Joy is the voice of Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but she is not a princess (again, most likely). Anya Taylor-Joy described herself as a “mud-caked ferret” in The Northman, but she is not a ferret (I feel pretty comfortable about this one).

So, even though Anya Taylor-Joy played a chess prodigy in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, don’t expect her to keep a spare pawn in her purse.

“People are genuinely surprised that I don’t travel with [a chess board] underneath my arm at all times. It is quite strange and I hope I never disappoint people, but you have to learn new skills for these new jobs,” The Menu star told the Hollywood Reporter.

When Taylor-Joy finished The Queen’s Gambit, “I became very, very good at cold weather exposure because I had to be,” she said, referring to The Northman. “And the second that was done, I got very good at guns and cars and motorcycles [for Furiosa]. So I hope I never disappoint anybody by not playing them.” Don’t worry, it’s impossible to be disappointed by someone who chose The Witch over a Disney Channel pilot.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)