Armie Hammer Sucked Milk Directly From A Goat On ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’

Armie Hammer is not only an adventurous actor but an adventurous human — a thespian who’s also an outdoorsman, and who was, at least for a spell, smart enough to get himself off Twitter. If you doubt his commitment to living life to the fullest, then why not watch him suck milk directly from a goat, which you can do above?

As per Entertainment Weekly, the acclaimed actor — who is either most beloved for The Social Network, for The Man from U.N.C.L.E., or for Call Me By Your Name — was on an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, in which the two (plus crew) were backpacking around Sardinia. Always one to live off the land, Grylls got his mitts on a wild goat, and then beckoned his thespian guest to milk it for milk. But, Grylls reminded him, goat milk is best when it comes directly from the source.

Hammer was initially reluctant. “Bear wants me to suck on this goat,” he said to the camera, “with my mouth.” But he turned quickly game. “You know, I climb an entire cliff, never done it before, feel a huge sense of accomplishment, we get up here, you tackle a goat and now I’ve got to suck on it,” Hammer says. “You know what? I came this far. I’m going to do it. I mean, are we doing this?”

So if you want to watch Hammer put his mouth around a goat’s protruding teat, and then go back for seconds, once again, this is a thing you can do by watching the above video.

(Via EW)