Say Hello To Kitty’s Best Moments From ‘Arrested Development’

Once George Senior’s fiercely loyal assistant on Arrested Development, Kitty Sanchez kept her job despite her gross incompetence as a result of their torrid affair. While she starts out as a simple annoyance to Michael once he takes over the company from his incarcerated father, Kitty soon becomes an increasingly consistent thorn in the Bluth family’s side. Played by comedic powerhouse Judy Greer (Married, practically every blockbuster this summer), we celebrate some of Kitty’s most memorable moments. And yes, a lot of them involve her flashing someone.

“Okay, glasses on, hair back up.”

After seeing Kitty desperately flirt with G.O.B., Michael convinces him to seduce her in an effort to get some vital information regarding their father that she may be privy to. Unfortunately, this proves to be a more difficult task for G.O.B. than he’d anticipated.

“Daddy horny, Michael”

After professing his horniness, George works to get a get a prison nookie playdate on the books with Kitty while Michael schemes to get his father a conjugal visit with Lucille. Unfortunately for Kitty, she winds up being occupied in the second lavishly appointed trailer-of-love by G.O.B. when both visits happen at the same time.

“There absolutely will be a margarita in my mouth!”

After a some time off, Kitty comes back with an… enhanced look to help her have a “more successful” spring break, starting with a trip to Señor Tadpole’s. Informing Michael that she intends to take her vacation immediately after returning from sick leave, he fires her. She responds to the news by flashing Michael and then the guy in the elevator.

Bargaining with Michael

After taking George Senior’s advice — “you don’t fire crazy” — Michael attempts to convince Kitty to come back to the Bluth Company. Though her insistence that Michael doesn’t have the ability to fire her irks him to the point that he fires her again, Kitty’s memorable outburst, which of course includes her flashing him, ends up complicating things for Michael.

She harbors George Senior in Mexico

After helping George Senior escape from the hospital in the season one finale, season two picks up with Kitty harboring him as a fugitive in a hotel room in Mexico. While he laments his torrid affair and the cabin fever he’s experiencing, Kitty keeps trying to get him to impregnate her, as she points out that he had used the last two “prophylacticos” on his feet to walk across the bathroom floor.

She takes on Lucille in a drinking contest

Set on the idea that George Senior owes her a child, Kitty accepts a challenge from Lucille, who offers a sample of his sperm should she win their drinking contest. If Kitty loses, however, she has to give up the evidence she has against George.

Even though she ends up losing (while Lucille drinks in-between rounds before heading back to rehab once it’s over), it’s almost admirable what Kitty will endure to get what she wants out of the Bluth family.

She suddenly runs off and elopes with Tobias 

After Michael asks Tobias to keep an eye on Kitty, he finds himself taking a liking to her. After they declare their intentions to run off to Las Vegas together, they both say goodbye in an increasingly familiar way.

Her new career as a production assistant 

After Maebe gives Kitty a job at Imagine Entertainment, she ends up getting her fired once she learns Maebe never graduated high school. We, in turn, learn that not much has really changed with her, as was clearly indicated by her employee ID photo.

Never change, Kitty.