‘Arrested Development’ Is Finally Getting Its Long-Awaited Season 4 Recut


Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz has a very special announcement just in time for a very special Bluth holiday: Cinco de Cuatro. To mark the occasion, the long-awaited chronological recut of 2013’s season four is being released as Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences.

When it was first released, the 15 season four episodes focused on each individual member of the Bluth family as a “Rashomon-style of storytelling” (and a workaround for the actors’ busy schedules). But after somewhat tepid reviews, Hurwitz sat in an editing bay to crank out new versions of the episodes. He says the recut leads to a higher episode count, new laughs, and most importantly — a step closer to syndication and sweet, sweet residual checks.

This means we have 22 episodes of the typical Arrested Development style of interwoven madness, rather than the 15 individual tales that led to the disappearance of Lucille 2. Oh, and season 5 is coming to Netflix “soon. “Like, real soon.” Here’s the announcement:

Here’s the tl:dr from the Twitter account:

As exciting as it is to know there’s a new season of hijinx just around the wall, one has to wonder if season five will deal with the mysterious abduction of Tobias Fünke and his crossover to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.