The Significance Of The Scroll That Freaked Out Arya On ‘Game Of Thrones’

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08.13.17 11 Comments

In a Game of Thrones episode packed with mythology, including hints at Jon Snow’s Targaryen ties, one of the most history-packed (and, if you’re only a casual watcher, most confusing) moments happened in Winterfell. Arya was doing her Arya thing — no, not parkour, but stalking in the shadows — when she saw Littlefinger doing his Littlefinger thing: something mysterious. And weird. And possibly treasonous. She wasn’t wrong: he is up to no good.

And he pulled one over on her.

While snooping around Littlefinger’s bedroom (the most disgusting place in Westeros), Arya finds a scroll that has something to do with Lady Stark. It was only on-screen for a second, but it held massive significance, and harkens back to season one, when Cersei forced Sansa to write a letter to her brother Robb.

Here’s a look.

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