‘Game Of Thrones’ Showed Another Massive Hint That Jon Snow Is A Targaryen

We know that R+L=J, and Bran Stark knows it too, but no one else has that knowledge. Especially not Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen. But in “Eastwatch,” Game of Thrones made another huge step in the direction of the “Jon is related to Dany” reveal party. As Dany returned to Dragonstone from her version of the Field of Fire, Drogon decided to stop and give Jon Snow a sniff like happy pup meeting a stranger.

Normally, Drogon and his bros are frosty to anyone that isn’t Dany, but Drogon had no problem getting a pat on the nose from Jon. What’s next? Maybe Jon can ride him when things start getting hot and heavy in the north?

Or maybe Drogon senses that Jon isn’t someone who would ride straight forward towards a giant catapult missile launcher without zig zagging. There’s that. Jon Snow knows his tactics, after all.

Also, dragon canon in A Song of Ice and Fire (which could be thrown out the window considering we’re traveling thousands of miles a minute in GoT these days) says that dragons only allow one person to mount them once they are bonded to the rider. Dragons have deep connections with their Targaryen masters and can sense when they’re in danger or have died. Drogon clearly knows that Jon has some of that Targaryen blood in him, so he nuzzles Jon accordingly.