All The Best And Worst Theories About Arya And The Waif From ‘Game Of Thrones’

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06.10.16 12 Comments

Ever since we watched what happened to Arya Stark on last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, fans have been scrambling to figure out some way she’ll manage to live. Because let’s be honest here: Stab wounds to the belly aren’t the kind of thing people can survive, so something really creative is going to have to happen to get Arya out of the bind she’s currently in. With a whole week to wait, many fan theories have popped up on how Game of Thrones is going to pull this off.

You may have noticed the sharp increase in Game of Thrones theories lately. Book readers have been dissecting George R.R. Martin’s works for decades, discovering small tidbits that connect to other tidbits to create a larger understanding of what’s happening behind the scenes of Westerosi politics. And now the show watchers are in on it, too. A lot of speculation is quite silly, but some turn out to be right. In the game of theories, you win, or oh well, it was fun to consider.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the theories surrounding that Arya stabbing scene.

The Waif Is Arya

Is Game of Thrones pulling a Fight Club? That’s what Redditor CatNamedStupidity thinks might be happening. They note that the Faceless Men have been plying Arya with water from the fountain in the House of Black and White, liquid that kills everyone else who drinks it, but doesn’t seem to cause Arya any problems. But what if it is actually putting her into a dissociative state where she becomes two people, Arya and the Waif?

The Waif represents Arya’s transformation into No One, and while this theory implies the stabbing only occurred in her mind, the death of Arya the Stark at the hands of Arya the Waif would be an extremely dark development.

Arya Wasn’t Arya

Others think there’s enough evidence to conclusively say the Arya we saw getting stabbed by the Waif wasn’t actually Arya after all. They point to several pieces of evidence for this: her hairstyle changing from Braavos buns to a Westeros style, Arya holding her hands behind her back as she walks (a noble trait she’s never exhibited before), and the lack of Needle by her side. When she speaks to the ship’s captain, she calls him “Westerosi” which is what foreigners call people from Westeros. And when she throws her money on the table and then steals it back, she does it all with her right hand, while Arya is left-handed. Where did she get those pouches full of coins, anyway?

But if it’s not Arya, who is it? The most popular theory is it was Jaqen H’Ghar somehow. Some also think Melisandre’s sudden scarceness up in the North means she may have somehow crossed the Narrow Sea to sacrifice herself for Arya. There’s even a theory that supposes the actress from the play, Lady Crane, was a former Faceless Man. When Arya saved her life instead of killing her, she became indebted to Arya and decided to sacrifice herself (because no one survives when the Faceless Men are hunting you) to give Arya a chance.

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