The Most Australian Interview Ever Has Drunks, Foiled Robberies, And Fast Food

Everything I know about Australia I learned from that episode of The Simpsons and Karl Stefanovic. Everyone’s favorite news anchor, who previously declared himself #TeamDryLand, became the “unexpected face of the feminist movement,” and interviewed Grumpy Cat, is at it again, this time talking to the “true Aussie heroes” who foiled a fast food restaurant robbery.

Earlier this month, a very drunk James Ross-Munroe was lamenting the loss of his “plugga” (that’s Aussie for flip-flop) when he and his buddy Kane Wiblen witnessed a burglary in action. As Ross-Munroe wrote on Facebook:

That funny moment when your walking into the servo and a unidentifiable car shows up, they broke into oportos, while they were in there I stole the keys to the car. Waited for them to run out. The passenger jumped into the car so I punched the f*ck out of the junkie and they ran off. I chased them but because I’m fat they got away haha. (Via)

Also, he was shirtless. Wiblen uploaded footage of his friend’s gallantry to Facebook, where it went super viral. The clip caught the attention of Nine Network’s Today, and thus, we have the most Australian interview ever.

Choice quotes:

“I thought it was a bit ‘suss’ and thought better go check it out.”

“Duck up to the servo and get some noodles.”

“At first, I thought does this bloke have a knife, but then I saw that he had his hands empty and it sort of went from there.”

“Mate, I don’t go to the gym. I haven’t been to the gym in years. The only gym I go to is Jim Beam, that’s about it.”

That last one killed Karl.

My other favorite quote: “Gisjijdsidjifsifji jsjisdfjisdjfsd djsjidjsidjisda3323kd.” They’re very hard to make out. Still, I’d love to hang out and get blasted with James Ross-Munroe. Maybe even play a round of knifey-spoony.

(Via RT)