The Coronavirus Is Coming For Baby Yoda Now

The wait for Baby Yoda toys has been a painful one for Star Wars fans smitten with the memeable little green Jedi following his surprise arrival on (takeover of) The Mandalorian on Disney +. Knock offs, Etsy creations, and hastily designed tee shirts have tried to fill the gap, but Toy Fair brought the promise of authentic widespread Baby Yoda offerings for the masses to cuddle, coo at, and display with great distinction in their homes. That’s still the plan. Do not panic. It just might be a little harder to get your hands on these toys/collectibles when they hit the street.

Oh no, I have lost you to panic. Come back… for details.

According to toy industry expert Jim Silver (by way of CNN), the supply chain at Hasbro (the manufacturer responsible for most of the Baby Yoda toys hurtling to market) has been impacted by the upheaval sparked by the coronavirus in China, paving the way for an estimated 5-10% decline in production. So, a minor falloff from initial rollout projections.

Hasbro confirmed the possibility of a shortfall without seemingly commenting on the stated numbers in a response to CNN, and they’ve been open about the challenges that they are facing due to temporary factory closings in past statements. Which is, of course, a set of challenges stemming from potentially virus stemming/life-saving actions (perspective) and one that other companies are facing around the production of a range of products that, frankly, are more vital than Baby Yoda figures.

WITH THAT SAID (voice rising to combat the boos), any disruption of the normal rhythm and flow of life can be annoying. Especially if, in this case, said shortfall results in, not a delay, but a seller’s market where cargo sweatpants wearing toy collectors exclusively named Chet descend on stores in the wee morning hours to clear shelves and kidnap all the Baby Yodas, charging extortionary prices on eBay, Amazon, and the like. Again, it’s not on the level of concern as people hoarding masks or gouging people on the cost of hand sanitizer, but distractions are chicken soup for the soul, and being deprived of them sucks, too.

(Via CNN)