The ‘Bad Trip’ Deleted Scenes Include Chris Rock Being Too Famous To Pull Off A Prank

While promoting Bad Trip, Eric Andre’s effort latest film that’s basically a guerrilla style romantic comedy filmed in front of unsuspecting Americans, the comedian revealed (via ComicBook) that the production managed to get Chris Rock to cameo for one of the movie’s pranks. However, the scene never made it into the film because the cast and crew kept smacking into an unavoidable problem: Rock is just too damn famous.

Thanks to a series of Bad Trip deleted scenes released by Netflix, fans of the film can now see the trouble the production had trying to prank people with Rock. In the scene, Andre would pick up a random Uber passenger only to get pulled over by a cop down the road. Andre would then try to convince the passenger to switch seats with him after revealing that he took his sister’s car without her permission. At that point, Rock dressed up as a cop would approach the window, which is when the whole scene fell apart every time. Even the most terrified passenger would recognize him every time and start laughing. On top of that, once word got out that Rock was there, the set was flooded with people whipping out their phones to get a shot of the famous comedian.

The other scenes include a crazy exorcism with a priest who seemed to be surprisingly not disturbed about seeing blood pour out of the walls, and several instances where Andre almost got the crap kicked out of him. Lil Rey Howery famously walked off the set after having a knife pulled on him the first day, and judging by the deleted scenes, it’s amazing he stuck around because it seemed like Andre was never more than one prank away from getting pummeled.