Benedict Cumberbatch And Solange Will Join Forces For ‘SNL’ On November 5

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Marvel/Sait Heron

Like pretty much every recent season of Saturday Night Live, it’s 42nd has been more than a bit uneven. Tom Hanks and Lin Manuel-Miranda both shone with what they were given, but Emily Blunt was given terribly sub-par material, leading to a very sloppy show. The show will be taking a breather on October 29, but Deadline reports that they’ve tapped some A-list talent for its return on November 5th, with Benedict Cumberbatch assuming host duties and Solange taking the stage as the musical guest.

Both stars are experiencing real bursts of acclaim, with early reviews for Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange pointing towards the positive and glowing accolades for Solange’s transcendent album, A Seat At The Table. Cumberbatch is better known for his dramatic chops than a flair for comedy (although Sherlock does have its funny moments), so it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the live show. After proving that she is so much more than “Beyoncé’s younger sister,” there is no doubt that Solange will come to slay.

On another note, this will be the last SNL before the election, so we are down to our last few Baldwin vs. McKinnon face-offs. Their cold opens have been the highlight of the season, so hopefully the next two weeks’ political shenanigans will provide them with some prime material. We have to laugh to keep from crying, right?

(Via Deadline)

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