Alec Baldwin Puts An Exclamation Point On Trump’s Final Debate Death-Spiral

Alec Baldwin brought in Donald Trump’s debate performance with style in what could be one of his final SNL appearances unless the GOP nominee wins out on election day. But don’t think that Hillary Clinton gets off easy this time around either. It’s the “nasty” third — and final — debate of the presidential election on SNL

Trump’s “nasty woman” comment gets plenty of play, with Clinton’s insistence that the nation visit her website for the truth — and a nice new nasty woman mug. It’s the perfect gift for every Christmas or going away present at work. All the debate hits are there, including the graphic discussion of abortion that came from Donald Trump mid-debate. But the real highlight was Baldwin calling out to his brother Stephen just a few days after he had criticized Alec’s Trump impression, saying it wasn’t very funny. Bio-Dome was a great movie, no joke, so who are we to argue?

It’s going to be sad if this is the last we get to see of Baldwin on SNL. His take on Trump might be the best one we’ve seen on the show and he’s having a lot of fun, much like Larry David did last season. He will be missed.

(Via SNL)