The Best Cult Classics On Netflix Right Now

12.05.18 2 months ago
best cult movies on netflix

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Last Updated: December 5th

In the world of film, a cult classic is that rarest of unicorns. It’s a film that eschews mainstream popularity and blockbuster ticket sales, a film that’s misunderstood, under-appreciated by the masses, intended only for true cinephiles that can enjoy its elevated artistry. A cult movie is one that’s ahead of its time. It pushes the envelope, deals in raunchy humor, grotesque violence, thought-provoking comedy, or campy horror. Most people won’t get it, but that’s okay. For the fans of cult films, the fun comes in being part of a select few who truly understand the nuance of dick jokes, stoner comedies, and over-acted crime thrillers. And like fine wine, cult films only get better with age.

Here are some of the best cult classics currently streaming on Netflix.

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The Shining (1980)

Run Time: 146 min | IMDb: 8.4/10

This thriller directed by Stanley Kubrick sees Jack Nicholson embody an alcoholic father who takes an off-season position as caretaker of a remote hotel in order to jump start his writing career. He brings his family along for the ride and soon, supernatural happenings begin. Twin girls at the end of a hallway, the ghosts of slain Native Americans, Nicholson’s character losing his ever-loving mind, an elevator filled with blood, all the normal elements of a truly terrifying Stephen King adaptation can be found in this one.

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