The Best Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Reddit AMA

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one smooth motherf*cker. The Don Jon star, who appears on every girlfriend’s (…and boyfriend’s) famous people freebies list, comes across as one of the rare down-to-Earth (that is not 3rd Rock of the Sun reference) celebrities who you wouldn’t getting a drink with, and then you’ll silently resent him because of his aforementioned naturally smooth motherf*ckerness. He is the best, and the worst.

Yesterday, JGL hopped over to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything, to answer questions about Don Jon, ScarJo, socks, Batman, and the first movie he ever remembers seeing as a child. Also: “Joseph Golden Rabbit.”

Explain to me why I should go see Don Jon in a Haiku.

fap fap fap fap fap / fap fap fap fap fap fap fap / fap fap fap fap fap // No just kidding um… hm… that’s a hard one. no, that didn’t come out right. sh*t.


You’re probably not going to see this, but I’d really like to thank you for this. It was one of the best and most surreal moments of my life. I still can’t believe that you were so game to, excuse me, back dat ass up on me, a mere mortal, like that. My mom/friends/boyfriend brag about it all the time.

Ha, nice!! And people ask what we do at hitRECord shows! Y’all are missing out.

How do you feel about r/JGLGiraffes?

How do you feel about this gif?

Clearly this is the future of cinema. I am not kidding.

Why do you wear mismatching socks so often? Sorry if it’s a creepy question bro, but…I gotta know.

My brother always wore mismatched socks. I inherited his collection.

Why aren’t you Batman?

We are all Batman.

In regards to the sexually explicit content in your upcoming movie, Don Jon, were you ever concerned about how your family would feel seeing you in these situations and knowing you had personally written the script?