The Best Mystery Shows On Netflix Right Now

06.20.19 2 months ago 2 Comments


Last Updated: June 20th

A little mystery makes life interesting, but Netflix knows that it’s the key ingredient in any bingeable series. That’s why the streaming platform has beefed up its offerings in all things unexplainable and bizarre. A good mystery takes episodes, even seasons to fully explain and there’s something for everyone in this collection. From crime thrillers to post-apocalyptic fare, a few amnesiac killers and a disappearance or two, these are the best mystery shows worth trying to solve on Netflix right now.

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4 seasons, 13 episodes | IMDb: 9.2/10

Sherlock is the best iteration of “the” Sherlock Holmes ever to air on television. The British series from Steven Moffat stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and despite the fact that it has been updated, it brilliantly captures the same spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories. It’s fast-paced, engrossing, brilliantly acted, often very funny, and frequently tragic.

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