Every ‘Better Call Saul’ Fan Is Craving Cinnabon After The Latest Episode

When was the last time you had Cinnabon? For me, it was eight years ago at the Las Vegas airport before an early flight. It was the greatest meal of my life, although this glowing review might’ve had something to do with the events of the previous night. No further comment, your honor. Anyway! There is a 98 percent chance that my Cinnabon-less streak will be snapped today, following Monday’s episode of Better Call Saul.

“Nippy” is the first time we’ve checked in on Cinnabon Gene, a.k.a Saul Goodman, a.k.a. Jimmy McGill, since season five’s “Magic Man,” when he’s spotted by Jeff the taxi driver. (If you were confused why Jeff looks different than the last time we saw him, that’s because he was recast between seasons.) Since then, the real-life Cinnabon location in Albuquerque has shut down, requiring the show to rebuild the store from scratch.

“We had incredible help from wonderful, talented Cinnabon people who not only got it up and running, but also showed the actors how to do their thing,” Saul writer and executive producer Alison Tatlock told the Hollywood Reporter. It was a crafty business decision, based on the number of people who are now craving a calorie-soaked cinnamon bun, myself (and ol’ Jerry / Garry / Larry from Parks and Recreation) included.



This is not sponcon for Cinnabon, but if Cinnabon wants to give me free food, I’m available.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)