Bob Odenkirk Has An Idea Of What Happens To Jimmy And Kim After The ‘Better Call Saul’ Finale

Was it all good, man for Saul Goodman in the Better Call Saul series finale?

On one hand, he confesses to his many sins and is a minor celebrity in prison thanks to his ubiquitous TV ads. On the other hand, he’s serving an 86-year sentence (although “with good behavior, who knows?”). And with both hands, he fired finger guns at his ex-wife, Kim Wexler, who acknowledged their trademark move with a look.

But what happens after the finale? Co-creator Vince Gilligan has already said that he has “no plans” to revisit the Breaking Bad universe, after Better Call Saul and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story. Just in case he changes his mind, though, star Bob Odenkirk has weighed in on Jimmy and Kim’s future.

“I think she comes to see him! I think she comes to see him once a year — every other year at the least. And I think he helps a bunch of guys in prison to get out who are innocent, or he helps shorten their sentences. He gets treated really well,” Odenkirk told Entertainment Weekly. As for whether Jimmy spends the rest of his life in prison:

“I don’t think he gets out. I don’t know what kind of dispensation they have for an 80-year-old, but I believe they have some, once you get to be that age where you can do something else. But I think he’s kind of the king of the prison because he’s a really, really good lawyer and a great lawyer for the kind of people in there. And he puts that to good use, probably even does some good work, like, genuinely good work. And then I think they see each other and I think he thinks she should stay married to that guy and have a life. I don’t know what she does, though. She doesn’t seem very happy at the water place.”

Kim marrying the “yup” sex guy is even more depressing than Jimmy getting caught by the cops while hiding in a dumpster. Even worse, she’s married to him… in Florida.

(Via EW)