A ‘Better Call Saul’ Fan May Have Figured Out What Saul Told Kim In Their Heated Phone Call

[Potential spoilers for future episodes of Better Call Saul]

If you watched the latest meme-inspiring episode of Better Call Saul, “Breaking Bad,” on AMC Plus, here’s what the closed captioning for Jimmy / Saul / Gene’s call that ends with him angrily smashing the phone against the booth reads.


Saul (not doing Jimmy / Saul / Gene every time) was trying to get in touch with Kim, who has apparently left New Mexico for the swampier pastures of Florida. Did he succeed? According to a German-speaking Better Call Saul fan on Reddit, he did — and the contents of the phone call may have been revealed, too.

“The ‘inaudible’ conversation in the phone booth is actually pretty audible in the German dub. Here is what is said,” the title of the post from Redditor mcmike8 reads.

German: „Du hast keine Ahnung was ich getan, oder nicht getan habe, okay? Wieso stellst DU dich nicht, auf mich musst du keine Rücksicht nehmen, ich kann nur EINMAL gehängt werden. Okay, hör zu, Kim, wieso reden wir überhaupt darüber. Wir beide sind zu clever…

English translation: (The beginning is inaudible…but it’s mid-sentence and he is already upset about what Kim must have said): “(…) you have no idea what I did or didn’t do, okay? Why don’t YOU turn yourself in, you don’t have to be considerate of me, I can only be hanged ONCE. Okay, look, Kim, why are we even talking about this. We’re both too smart…“

Saul writer Thomas Schnauz confirmed that “we will learn the details of the phone call” in a future episode (there are only two left), but if the Reddit transcription is true, Gene and Kim are a long way from a possible reunion. This makes me… something like this.


(Via Reddit)