‘Better Call Saul’ Has New Season 3 Photos And Jimmy Appears To Have Big Problems

What do we know so far about the upcoming third season of Better Call Saul? Well, it premieres April 10. And we will actually, finally get our long-teased, pre-Breaking Bad introduction to noted New Mexico restauranteur Gus Fring. And Jimmy’s in trouble. And… that’s about it really.

Or rather, that was about it, until today, when AMC dropped the official press kit. We now have a slightly more detailed summary and a bunch of promo pictures. Do you love promo pictures? Buddy, do I ever have good news for you. But first, that synopsis, copied and pasted directly from AMC so there’s no bungling with attempted paraphrasing.

Season 3 follows the twists and turns of Jimmy McGill’s devolution toward Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman — Albuquerque’s most notorious criminal lawyer. Six years before he meets Walter White, Jimmy is a more-or-less law-abiding, small-time attorney hustling to champion his underdog clients, build his practice, and somehow make a name for himself.

The acclaimed second season ended with a pair of cliffhangers. Determined to prevent his brother from practicing law, Chuck staged an elaborate con, secretly recording Jimmy’s confession to a felony. When Mike set his sights on sociopathic cartel boss Hector Salamanca, an ominous intervention stopped him from pulling the trigger, raising questions as to what other dangerous players may be in the game.

As the new season begins, the repercussions of Chuck’s scheme test Jimmy and Kim’s fledgling law practices — and their romance — as never before. This imminent existential threat presses Jimmy’s faltering moral compass to the limit. Meanwhile, Mike searches for a mysterious adversary who seems to know almost everything about his business.

Hmm. Actually, that’s not a ton of “new” information, considering it’s all stuff we could put together using common sense and maybe a quick binge-reminder of season two. And yet, I’m very excited. I hope they continue their practice of using montages. No show on television does montages like Better Call Saul.

Unlike the synopsis, however, the pictures do give a teeny bit away, so if you don’t want know, like, anything about the season, avert your eyes now. Again, it’s nothing you probably couldn’t figure out (you are very smart… and attractive… is that a new shirt?), but let’s all cover our bases anyway. This is too important to ruin by accident.