The World Remembers Beloved Entertainment Icon Betty White

By now you’ve likely heard that one of entertainment’s most beloved icons, Betty White, passed away today at 99, just days short of what would have been her 100th birthday. As the New York Times noted in its obit published this afternoon, White is probably best known for portraying “the nymphomaniacal Sue Ann Nivens on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and the sweet but dim Rose Nylund on ‘The Golden Girls.'” She won five Emmys in a TV career that spanned seven decades and later in life became a beloved figure on the internet.

From the aforementioned New York Times obit:

One of her last in-person appearances was on the 2018 Emmy Awards telecast.

“It’s incredible that you can stay in a career this long and still have people put up with you,” she told the assembled TV luminaries, who gave her a prolonged standing ovation. “I wish they did that at home.”

Just a few days ago, White gave an interview to People to discuss her upcoming 100th birthday and the magazine noted that “nowadays, White enjoys a quiet life in Los Angeles playing crossword puzzles and card games. She also likes to watch animal documentaries, Jeopardy! and sports, particularly golf.” When asked about her diet, White told People, “I try to avoid anything green. I think it’s working.”

Naturally, there’s been an outpouring of tributes and remembrances for White on social media this afternoon. Below are some of our favorites — some funny, some poignant, some informative, some memory-inspiring.

Pour one out tonight for a true legend on this New Year’s Eve.