The ‘Big Mouth’ Showrunners Will Get A ‘Human Resources’ Department Spinoff On Netflix

Big Mouth is back for Season 3, and more episodes are on the way. But before Netflix officially unleashed the Hormone Monsters and their pubescent children on us via the streaming service, it announced that the Big Mouth universe will soon get even bigger.

Hours before Season 3 arrived on Netflix, its comedy Twitter account let slip the big news: a Big Mouth spinoff called Human Resources is coming soon.

If the tweet was too vague, others made it clear: this is a direct spinoff that will apparently feature the HR department we saw bits and pieces of in Season 2 of Big Mouth.

In the video, which is extremely brief, a creature looks at a sign that says, you guessed it, Human Resources on it. The subhead reads “We mange people,” which seems to indicate that the show will go into greater detail about all the other monsters that make up the gross weirdness of the human body. A number of different monsters appear to be walking their way, and though the identity of the monster in the foreground isn’t clear, the final seconds of the teaser unveil a set of wings that make it look a lot like a butterfly.

According to TV Line, Big Mouth brains like Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, Jennifer Flackett and Kelly Galuska are all working on Human Resources, so expect much of the same humor and earnestness as Big Mouth. With more of that show on the way and this now in the works, there’s plenty of good animation streaming in the years ahead.