Bill Burr Doesn’t Want To See Katy Perry In A Bikini Pouring Water On Her ‘F*cking Head’

You won’t be seeing Bill Burr in a bikini anytime soon. On his Monday Morning Podcast, the Breaking Bad star and comedian had a few things to say about the Ice Bucket Challenge craze that’s sweeping the Internet, none of them kind. His rant is half environmentalism, half resisting press pressure.

“At this point I’ve been challenged by three different f*cking people. I love how it’s about the person. It’s not even about the disease. ‘Hey check out my wacky response to ice cold water over my f*cking head’…I live in a desert. It’s a $500 fine if you waste water. I’m gonna do the $100 donation instead…Do you understand how precious water is to everyone around the world? We’re over here going “eeeeeh!” and dumping it over our heads. The disease is second banana to watching someone’s reaction. I know it’s a fun f*cking thing and it’s raised $100 f*ckin’ million and all that type of sh*t. But there’s this pressure that if you don’t f*ckin’ do it but donate the $100, somehow you’re an asshole.

“There’s not a lot of water left people if you really look at it. The only fresh water we got left that’s coming is from the polar ice caps melting.”

I understand the part about wasting water being bad, and how certain celebrities are making it more about themselves than the Challenge. That being said, can you really be mad at something that’s raising money for a good cause AND allows you to watch Katy Perry on a pirate ship?

No, no you cannot.

Via Death and Taxes