Bill Burr Wants Everyone To Know That He Didn’t Drop Baby Yoda (Even Though He Did)

One of the unexpected delights of The Mandalorian is the number of comedians who have popped up during season one, including Brian Posehn, Horatio Sanz, Amy Sedaris, and Bill Burr, who played Mayfeld in episode six “The Prisoner.” The Boston-centric comedian got the role, despite his aversion to Star Wars, after running into showrunner Jon Favreau at a birthday party. As Burr recently told The Last Laugh podcast:

“[Favreau] was like, ‘Hey, I’m doing this Star Wars thing, would you wanna do something?’ And I was like, ‘I kinda always made fun of it.'” Burr seemed concerned that the optics of him joining a Star Wars project would look iffy, but Favreau saw it a different way. “I think that’d be funny. I think your fans would get a kick out of the fact, if you went into that thing,” he recalled Favreau saying. “Then I went in there, and they were shooting it like a Spaghetti Western. And I was immediately so psyched to be a part of it.” (Via)

Now that the episode has aired, Burr wants to make one thing clear: he did NOT drop Baby Yoda, our nation’s new mascot, despite all evidence to the contrary. “Alright, so here’s the deal, I didn’t drop the Baby Yoda,” he said on an episode of his Monday Morning Podcast. “The f*cking robot dude came out of hyperspace and he didn’t tell anybody. Alright? Until you’re in hyperspace holding a f*cking baby and some robot — like that’s not unsettling enough — is driving the f*cking thing and slams on the brakes, let’s see how you do. Walk a mile in my f*cking space slippers before you f*cking come at me.” Burr was joking around, but people really are “breaking [his] balls” on Twitter.

You can listen to the entire podcast episode below.

(Via Monday Morning Podcast)