These Bill Clinton Impressions Prove He Was The Greatest President In Comedy History

A president is only as good as his presidential impersonators. That’s how we’re going to measure merit in politics from now on. And if that’s accepted, then Bill Clinton, our 42nd President and a newly minted 69-year-old today, might need to have his image carved into Mount Rushmore because he was imitated better than most, partly because of his smooth southern drawl and partly because of his whole sax-playing sex stuff vibe. The man’s a comedy goldmine. Don’t believe me? Calling me a liar?! Go check out these impressions of Hillary’s husband and tell me I’m wrong.

Jon Stewart does a spot-on Bill Clinton on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

In a clip that predates even The Daily Show, a young Jon Stewart hangs with Conan and Andy and tells us, “I don’t do a great Clinton impression.” Prompted by Conan and Andy, though, J-Stew (making it a thing!) gives us five words of that sweet Clinton magic. “Is that good?” he asks. “Is that it?” It was good. And it wasn’t ‘it,’ but it should be.

The Venture Bros Get Dirty

Doc Hammer and Jackson Public remind us that the only real way to do Bill is to do it with as much filth as possible. Catch Mr. President offering astronaut hero Bud Manstrong a cigar before correcting himself with “No, not that one.” Nice. And of course, the full-color remarks about his secretary are enough to make all of us uncomfortable. This is a great episode overall, if you ever want to check it out. Just remember that season two Venture Bros animation can be a little low-budget, as you can see in the clip.

Phil Hartman Has A Big Mac Attack

Of course Saturday Night Live would be in here. First, we have Phil Hartman’s slightly goofy and arrogant version of Clinton, who is spotted stopping in for a little retail politicking at a McDonalds while on a run. Definitely not as biting a piece of satire as his “Reagan Mastermind” sketch from the ’80s, but it’s memorable all the same.

Darrell Hammond Brings Bill Back for Halloween

We’ve all got a very specific image of Bill Clinton in our heads, right? But maybe we should ask ourselves if we’re actually remembering Bill as he was, or if we’re just thinking of Darrell Hammond’s iconic impersonation, which accomplishes the once unfathomable task of not getting lost in the shadows of Hartman’s impression. Hammond’s impression is iconic enough that he brought it back seamlessly with no issue in 2008. His Mystery costume (remember The Pick-Up Artist?) is quintessential SNL Clinton, even outside of the Clinton era.

Frank Caliendo Nails the Clinton Voice

Caliendo’s Clinton walks us through the Jefferson Library; a place where he’s dog-eared all the dirty bits in the medical textbook. And while the jokes are exactly what you’d expect from any Clinton impersonation, Caliendo’s spot on replication of Clinton’s voice is frighteningly good. How do impressions even work? 

Kevin Spacey’s Clinton is Bill-Approved

Apparently, Bill Clinton is a fan of two very important things: House of Cards, and Kevin Spacey’s impression of him. There’s just one small issue Clinton has with House of Cards: the government would never be able to pass an education bill so quickly. Or maybe that’s what Spacey’s Clinton thinks. These impressions are blurring the lines of reality, here. And has Bill Clinton always been so squinty? It’s a real mystery.