The Creator Of ‘Black Mirror’ Has Harsh Words For People’s ‘Bandersnatch’ Complaints


If the choice is to “accept” or “refuse” to listen to criticisms about Bandersnatch, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has picked the latter. The interactive film, with multiple endings (that people are still discovering) and a trillion permutations, is a big hit for Netflix, but not everyone has enjoyed the work that goes into seeing all the ways you can mess with Stefan’s life.

“[There are] some people that are like, ‘I don’t wanna make decisions,’ ‘I don’t want to do any of it’… well, f*ck off, then. Do something else!” Brooker told the Huffington Post when asked about the reactions he’s heard so far. “And then there’s some people who think, ‘Oh, it’s too simple as a game’ or ‘games have done this before’ – well, this isn’t on a gaming platform, it’s on Netflix. I’m well aware of what a computer game is, thanks.” Brooker does not seem like someone who would enjoy watching people play video games.

He continued:

“Some people just want to be told one story, but this is designed where you’re going to experience more than one ending to get a sense of the whole. We don’t expect you to do all of them, it’s just the more you do, hopefully the more fun an experience you’ll have… But generally speaking, it’s been the reaction that you would want. More people have done all of it than I would have possibly thought, because I thought most people would do about 20%. That’s what I kept saying [in grumpy voice], ‘People aren’t even going to see most of this.’ I said it in that voice, as well.”

Brooker also responded to complaints that it’s impossible for Stefan to have a happy ending with, “Have they seen Black Mirror?” Fair enough.

(Via the Huffington Post)