You Can Play One Of The ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Games (Though It Takes Some Effort)

12.29.18 6 months ago 2 Comments


When the Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure “movie” Bandersnatch launched Friday, it didn’t take long for viewers to plunder its many secrets. People were quick to map out the timelines, ID Easter Eggs, argue over free will or if it was all a nefarious way for Netflix to further imprison you in an couch potato streaming jag. It’s a revolutionary piece of content — even if Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic was the first to do something similar yet different — but one of its niftier secrets is as old as the internet itself: It’s on a tie-in website.

Galaxy brain Bandersnatch users smartly sussed out that Team Black Mirror had created one of those fake-but-real sites — there used to be one for I Heart Huckabees, for example — for Tuckersoft, the computer game company-within-the-film. There you see pages for each of their titles, each an homage to a Black Mirror episode. (The most prominent on the show is Metl Hedd, alluding to the terrifying Season 4 stand-out about the killer robot dog, and which was also directed by Bandersnatch helmer David Slade.)

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