Bob Odenkirk Has Offered His Theory For What Happens To Kim Wexler On ‘Better Call Saul’

There are only 13 more episodes of Better Call Saul. That’s 13 episodes left to answer how Saul Goodman becomes Gene the Cinnabon man, when Gus Fring becomes a drug kingpin, and what happens to Kim Wexler. That’s the biggest question entering the final season, not only because she’s one of the best characters on TV, but also because she’s never mentioned on Breaking Bad. Is she dead? Have she and Saul gone their separate ways? Is she sipping Mai Tais on a tropical island while her ex is teaching addicts how to launder money in a New Mexico strip mall? Even Bob Odenkirk isn’t sure.

“I really truly don’t,” he told the Guardian when asked about the ending. “I try not to find out those things. I like being surprised just like a viewer of the story. I have my own theories, but they’re just basically fan theories.” Odenkirk, who previously said that viewers shouldn’t assume that Kim is dead, offered one of his own about Ms. Wexler’s fate:

“I don’t think she dies,” he says. “I think she’s in Albuquerque, and she’s still practicing law. He’s still crossing paths with her. To me, that would fuel his desire to be on billboards everywhere, because he wants her to see him.”

If that’s what happens, that Kim’s still living in Albuquerque during the events of Breaking Bad and Saul’s still pining for her, there’s no way that he hasn’t left a mixtape on her front porch (track one is “Ain’t No Sunshine”). It’s somehow the most depressing theory, even more than her dying. We’ll find out next year when Better Call Saul returns.

(Via Guardian)