Bob Odenkirk Is Strongly Suggesting Bryan Cranston And Arron Paul Do A Lot More Than Just ‘Show Up’ On ‘Better Call Saul’

Better Call Saul is almost at an end, with only two more episodes left to air. But something big has already happened: The prequel show, which explores the epic origins of Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman (and maybe more aliases besides), has already finally looped back up with Breaking Bad, some 13 years after he first appeared on the show that started it all. (And no, they’re not de-aging actors.) It’s long been known that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles as meth gods Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, but if you think they just show up for a token appearance, think again.

Odenkirk went on The View Tuesday, where he was inevitably asked about reuniting with the two stars, who made their Better Call Saul debuts on Tuesday’s episode, called, of course, “Breaking Bad” (and not to be confused with the Breaking Bad episode called “Better Call Saul”). But if you enjoyed that, there’s more where that cam efrom.

“The truth is, it was just the start,” Odenkirk said. “There’s more of them. The scenes that come up are powerful.”

Odenkirk also noted some false assumptions, saying, “I love that everybody thinks they’re gonna show up. Then they see them, they go, ‘Great. We did it — we saw them again!’ I’m like, ‘You never know what’s gonna come next on our show.’ So don’t be sure you’ve seen the last — I’m telling you, you haven’t.”

Indeed, at least according to the IMDb (not always a reliable spot, so take this with a quarry of salt), Cranston is listed as part of the cast in the next two episodes, while Paul is only on there for the penultimate one.

Odenkirk also took some time to reflect on the end of an era. “I think when I watch the final episode is when it’ll really hit me,” he told the crowd. “I think I’ll start crying, and I’ll call everybody, ‘We’re done!’”

You can watch Odenkirk’s appearance on The View above. The Cranston/Paul talk starts around the 2:30 mark. Better Call Saul episodes air on Monday, and it all ends on Aug. 15.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)