The Reported Title Of The Next ‘Better Call Saul’ Episode Will Make ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Very Excited

Saul Goodman made his Breaking Bad debut in the episode “Better Call Saul.” Will Walter White and Jesse Pinkman make their long-awaited Better Call Saul appearance in an episode titled “Breaking Bad”? That appears to be the case, based on a listing from TV Passport. Next week’s episode is allegedly called “Breaking Bad,” with a plot synopsis that reads, “The partners escalate their enterprise to new levels.” Now, before getting too excited, the partners could be Gene and Jeff, not Walt and Jesse, although it would be very funny (and very Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould) if they threw another curveball at viewers and it was two totally brand-new characters. That would go over well with the same cranks who called “Nippy” the “worst episode ever.”

Earlier this year, Better Call Saul co-creator Gould confirmed that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would reprise their Breaking Bad roles on the prequel series, while Bob Odenkirk teased that it would be multiple appearances. “[It was] so good. Seeing Bryan and Aaron playing Walt and Jesse… It’s not just one time… And it was great,” he said. There’s only three episodes left: they’re running out of time.

It would be fitting for Walt and Jesse to show up in the antepenultimate (a word I have never used before but now will say all the time) episode of Better Call Saul, considering the antepenultimate (see?) episode of Breaking Bad was “Ozymandias,” arguably the best episode in TV history. It’s hard to imagine Better Call Saul topping “Ozymandias.”

Then again, Breaking Bad, as great as it was, didn’t have Kim Wexler, so…