Steven Avery’s Lawyer Points The Finger At New Suspects In The ‘Making A Murderer’ Case

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11.06.17 3 Comments

Things are heating up once again in the case of Steven Avery, whose conviction for murdering Teresa Halbach with his nephew Brendan Dassey in 2005 was the subject of the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer. A second season of the show is in the works, and based on what we’ve seen over the past several months there’ll be more than enough material to make it just as shocking as the original 10 hour run of episodes.

Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner has been working on getting a new trial for her client based on extensive scientific testing that called into question the legitimacy of several key pieces of evidence. A nearly 1300-page motion was set to be amended with even more test results, but a Wisconsin judge denied the motion before the amendment was filed and refused to allow an evidentiary hearing. That led to Zellner accusing the court of “hiding behind legal technicalities.”

She followed that up by submitting a supplement to her original motion that pointed fingers at a new potential killer in the case: Brendan Dassey’s older brother Bobby. The supplement also singled out their mother Barb and her husband Scott Tadych for hiding evidence and lying to implicate Avery during his trial.

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