‘Bob’s Burgers’ Actor Jay Johnston Will Reportedly No Longer Voice Jimmy Pesto After Allegations That He Took Part In The Jan. 6 Siege

The Capitol siege of Jan. 6 attracted a lot of interesting people. There was the QAnon Shaman, of course. There was the “influencer” who bragged that she wouldn’t go to jail because she’s “blonde” and has “white skin.” (She was recently sentenced to two months.) There’s the guy who was arrested by the feds while in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar. There was also one major shock: Shortly after that fateful day, as feds and plebeians alike scoured over images of the perpetrators, some people thought one of them looked an awful lot like actor Jay Johnston.

Johnston has long been a comedy staple. He was a regular on Mr. Show with Bob and David. He was in Anchorman and on Arrested Development. Perhaps most famously, he’s long been the voice of Jimmy Pesto Sr., our hero’s biggest rival on Bob’s Burgers. While Johnston’s possible involvement in the Jan. 6 riot is still not confirmed, it has cost him his gig on one of Fox’s most enduring animated comedies.

Two sources involved with Bob’s Burgers told The Daily Beast that Johnston will no longer be allowed to voice the beloved, belligerent character, which he’s done since 2011, across 43 episodes. One source described it as a “ban.” Another said the show was not trying to make a big deal out of it. Johnston’s last appearance on the show was on the May 2, 2021 episode “The Bridge Over Troubled Rudy.” He has been noticeably absent over during Season 12.

No one has confirmed whether or not Johnston was indeed in D.C. on Jan. 6. His name began floating around in connection with the failed insurrection in early March, when the FBI posted a photo of a perpetrator whom many thought looked just like the actor and comedian.

Some colleagues, including Tim Heidecker, speculated that it was indeed Johnston. Some deleted those tweets, later saying their messages shouldn’t be used as official confirmation. Some described him as a “Trump supporter” and in 2015, he appeared on a show hosted by then-future Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes.

(Via The Daily Beast)