Bradley Cooper Bugs Cousin Greg For ‘Succession’ Spoilers, Just Like You Would If You Were Bradley Cooper

Coming in hot off the latest episode of Succession, where his character, Cousin Greg, scored a date with Kendall Roy’s PR consultant Comfrey (Dasha Nekrasova), the very tall Nicholas Braun stopped by The Tonight Show and revealed the most famous person to hit him up for spoilers about the hit HBO series: Bradley Cooper.

According to Braun, he was invited to watch a football game at Cooper’s house, and despite not being a big football fan, of course, he wasn’t going to miss a chance to meet the extremely famous actor. However, as Braun discovered, Cooper is a huge fan of Succession and started peppering Braun with his different theories about the show.

“He has so many theories,” Braun told Jimmy Fallon while also noting that Cooper is a “close talker,” which made the interaction very intense. We’re talking, like, Cooper was asking about very specific facial expressions in hopes of figuring out what happens next on the show.

Of course, Fallon wasn’t going to let an opportunity slip by to hit Braun with one of Questlove’s theories. According to the musician, Cousin Greg is secretly a NARC for the government, and he’s going to bring the whole Roy family down in Season 6. In an impressive show of acting skill, Braun did his best to not react at all to this theory and just coyly played along. “I’m not nodding yes or no,” Braun said with a smoothness that Cousin Greg could never pull off.

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)