A Bizarre Sex Scene From Netflix’s ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ Has Led To All Sorts Of ‘WTF’ Reactions

Look, it’s unfair to judge a random scene from a movie or TV show without context. For instance, Mad Men is one of the greatest shows of all-time, but if the Lane Pryce and Pete Campbell fight was the first scene you saw, well, you would still probably think Mad Men rules. But you would also be confused. It’s everything that leads up to the fight that makes it great (that, and Jared Harris’ delivery of “grimy little pimp”).

Maybe everything that leads up to the viral sex scene in Netflix‘s Brand New Cherry Flavor is great, too. I’ll admit that I haven’t watched the limited series about a filmmaker in the 1990s (played by Rosa Salazar) who moves to Los Angeles and, following an encounter with a shady male producer, hires a witch (Catherine Keener) to hex him. But without context, it’s weird as heck, although I imagine that’s true even with context.

Decider reports that “Brand New Cherry Flavor is currently getting a boost from [TikTok], as users challenge each other to record their ‘blind reactions’ to one of the series’ strangest scenes.” The scene, which is also all over Twitter, happens at the 35 minute mark of the show’s fourth episode, “Tadpole Smoothie.” I won’t describe it (that would spoil the, um, fun?), but fair warning, it’s NSFW and involves a hand and a wound.


(Via Decider)