Is The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Happening ‘Even Sooner’ Than We Thought?


Last month, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul injected pure hype into our veins when they both, at the same time, tweeted “soon” with a picture of two donkeys. What could it mean? Literally anything — maybe they enjoy the hilarious hijinks of Donkey from the Shrek movies, for instance, or they took a hike down into the Grand Canyon — but it’s likely a reference to the Breaking Bad movie that is, as luck would have it, maybe happening “even sooner” than we thought?

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Even sooner

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Once again, Cranston and Paul, who won a combined seven Emmys for their work on the AMC drama, have posted the same image with the same caption at the same time. Whatever they’re teasing, it’s not happening soon enough.

Little is known about the Breaking Bad movie, other than it will reportedly be released on Netflix, then AMC, and “the script is being shot as a feature, though it has not been determined yet how it will air, as a film or cut into episodes,” according to Deadline. Vince Gilligan is involved, Aaron Paul will star, and Bryan Cranston is… giving confusing answers about “rigor mortis”? It will be interesting to see how Walter “Heisenberg” White fits into the movie, following the events of the finale, but considering the spin-off about the comic relief strip-mall lawyer turned into one of the best shows on TV, in Gilligan we trust.

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