‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Believe That The Rumored Movie Will Follow This Beloved Character


Breaking Bad has such a rich universe that even the two-bit strip-mall lawyer can anchor one of the best shows on television. So, when word got out that creator Vince Gilligan was supposedly working on a Breaking Bad movie, currently titled Greenbriar, the mind raced with possibilities. Maybe we’ll learn Spooge’s tragic backstory, before the ill-fated ATM incident, or how Peter became Skinny Pete? Or, and this is probably for the best, it’ll be about Jesse.

The plot description provided by the Albuquerque Journal reads that the film “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom,” which sure sounds like Jesse Pinkman. The last time we see the drug dealer-turned-crystal meth cooker played by Aaron Paul, he was driving away from Walt and the terrible life he made for himself. Paul has said multiple times that he’s interested in returning to the role that earned him three Emmys, and Gilligan “desperately” wants to see Jesse again, too. Also, AMC is in the (TV) movie business now.

Of course, there are some complications. Paul booked a series regular role on Westworld. Also, it must be asked: do we really want a Jesse Pinkman movie? Better Call Saul is better than anyone could have predicted, but there was a lot left to explore with Saul Goodman — over the course of five seasons, Jesse, as a character, was well examined. Still, it’s hard not to get somewhat excited…