‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Has Two Words (And They’re Not ‘F*ck Off’) To Describe His Distaste For Fox News

While stopping by CNBC to promote the upcoming season premiere of Succession Season 3, Brian Cox weighed in on the current state of the American media landscape, and he is clearly not a fan of Fox News. On the hit HBO series Cox plays Logan Roy, a Rupert Murdoch-esque titan who lords over a media empire with an iron fist. In real life, Cox has no stomach for the tactics employed by Murdoch, but he’s also not exactly thrilled with the competition either.

He’s also not exactly telling Fox News to “f*ck off” (though he’s perfectly willing to say that on occasion), but he does have two choice words for them: “the devil.” Via Mediaite:

He had some light criticisms of CNN, saying the cable news network is “clearly the same story again and again and again” but acknowledging “I love CNN, ’cause I’m fairly left-wing.”

“And then, Fox News,” Cox added, “I don’t even go there, because that’s, like, the devil.”

He held up his fingers like a cross as he said it.

However, as one “media mogul” observing another, Cox said he doesn’t think Murdoch believes in anything that Fox News is pushing, and he’s simply exploiting the market for right wing vitriol in America.

“Back in the U.K., there’s more debate. There’s more nuance in the news,” Cox explained. “It’s not as cut and dry… but also I understand where it comes from because this country desperately needs alignment. And so you can see why these channels have developed the way they have.”