Brian Cox Has A Master Class Tip For Acting That’s Simpler Than Method Acting: ‘[Just] Say The F*cking Lines’

Brian Cox has gotten a lot of flack lately for giving his own flack to his Succession costar Jeremy Strong. Hey, these two have been through a lot together. In 2021, Cox critiqued Strong’s acting style and has been doubling down on it ever since, though Strong is totally fine with it, in case you were wondering.

Cox has clarified that the type of acting he is referring to is a very American approach to the craft. “It’s really a cultural clash,” the actor recently told Variety. “I don’t put up with all that American sh*t. I’m sorry.” At least he apologized for it.

Ahead of the final season of Succession, Cox stopped by The Tonight Show to clear up the drama surrounding his past comments. Since he seemed a little sick of talking about it, he decided to present his own Master Class on the craft of acting.

He told Fallon, “Well you know, Jimmy, I’ve been a little harsh on it. And I’m sorry about that. In fact, I’ve been trying to set the record straight in a Master Class series of acting that I’ve been doing.”

Fallon then rolls the clip of Cox aggressively yelling: “Just f***ing do it! Act! Say the f***ing lines, and don’t bump into the f***ing furniture.” Fallon was moved to tears, along with the rest of the world (probably).

This will hopefully be the last time for a while that Cox is asked about his acting, as Succession is coming to a close this year. As for what he will be doing next, Cox is lending his voice to an upcoming Lord of the Rings animated feature. The sign of a truly good actor is being able to play a role just using your voice. He is a master, after all.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)